South Florida Psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Marsella at Chrysalis TMS Institute using Advanced TMS and rTMS Technology as an Alternative Treatment for many Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders
South Florida Psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Marsella's TMS and rTMS treatments proven safe in clinical studies
TMS Proven Safe in Clinical Studies

More than 10,000 TMS and rTMS treatments demonstrated the safety of the NeuroStar-TMS system during the machine's clinical trials. The most commonly reported side-effect was scalp pain or discomfort during the actual TMS or rTMS treatment session. NeuroStar-TMS Therapy is free of systemic side-effects. During the FDA-supervised trials, there was a less than 5% discontinuation rate due to adverse events.

South Florida Psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Marsella Uses Cutting Edge TMS and rTMS Applications as an alternative treatment for depression
New, Cutting-Edge TMS Applications

Dr. Marsella provides TMS and rTMS treatments in the South Florida area. rTMS is an FDA-cleared treatment for depression. When appropriate, TMS and rTMS may be used as alternative, off-label therapies for other psychiatric and neurological conditions. Pregnant or breast-feeding women who need antidepressant therapy but cannot tolerate pharmacotherapy may be off-label candidates.

South Florida TMS and rTMS VIP Medical Services at The Chrysalis TMS Institute with Psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Marsella
VIP and Concierge Services

Whether you are local, coming to us from outside of the South Florida area, or even coming to us from another country, we offer many concierge and support services. Whether it's helping you find accommodations near sunny Boca Raton or in Downtown Miami, or planning an event calendar of South Florida events based on your interests, we are at your service. Our compassionate staff provides constant support for all of your needs.

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South Florida Psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Marsella Reviews An open label pilot study of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS and rTMS) as an alternative treatment for pregnant women with major depressive disorder (MDD).

Conclusion: TMS and rTMS appears to be a promising alternative treatment option for pregnant women who do not wish to take antidepressant medications....

Dr. Gregory Marsella, a South Florida Psychiatrist, Discovers rTMS (TMS) May Be Effective as an alternative treatment in Patients With treatment-Resistant Bipolar Depression

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS and TMS) may be an effective alternative treatment for treatment-resistant bipolar depression....